Maintenance Service
Corrective Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance can be defined as a maintenance task performed to identify, isolate and rectify a fault so that the failed equipment, machine or asset can be restored to the tolerances or limits established for in-service operations.

Corrective maintenance is maintenance which is carried out after failure detection and is aimed at restoring an asset to a condition in which it can perform its intended function.

1. Wheel-Set lathing

A wheel lathe is a machine tool used in the manufacturing and reconditioning of wheels for railway cars. Wheel lathes are used to re-cut the profile of the wheel in cases where the wheel has been worn down or compromised because of excessive use.

Wheels and wheelsets are very important parts of a railcar. RTMS has own wheel lathe and wheelset press for mounting and dismounting wheels on axles. Non destructive inspections are being made to wheels and axles by RTMS before and after the processes.

Services given for wheels and wheelsets are:

  • Lathe operations for wheels
  • Cleaning and maintenance of axle boxes
  • Non destructive tests for axles
  • Wheel mounting and dismounting

2. Repair Service

At our repair shops, RTMS can perform everything from light repairs and routine maintenance to heavy repairs. Engineering support and manpower can be provided for car modifications and fabrications. Our industry-leading staff can perform various task including:

  • Wreck repairs and car scrapping
  • Component reconditioning
  • Warranty repairs
  • Air Brake system testing and maintenance
  • Extensive railcar modification programs
  • Sandblast, painting and restenciling

3. Unscheduled Services

While completing scheduled maintenance tasks, sometimes a demand for unplanned services emerges. Using its skills and competence, RTMS provides instant ad hoc solutions tailored to the specific need of its customers.

Our capabilities include;

  • Component replacement,
  • Minor repairs,
  • Defected parts rectification
  • Minor structural repairs.