Maintenance Service
Heavy General Inspection & Overhauls
Heavy General Inspection & Overhauls

Safety for your rolling stock

After completing defined time intervals or a maximum distance, vehicles must be given a major overhaul.
We carry out regular inspections of rolling stock, general inspections and other overhauls professionally and on schedule in accordance with the legal requirements. Our range of services includes inspections in accordance with:

  • Railway Construction and Operations Act
  • Country-specific rules and regulations
  • Applicable rules and regulations
  • Your specifications and manufacturer's recommendations

In the event that additional damage is identified during the inspections, we repair the damage reliably and competently, while taking care to keep the time spent in the workshop as short as possible. We carry out work on components requiring maintenance during the overhaul in our own specialist workshops. In addition, we provide preventive maintenance on key wearing parts during scheduled overhauls.

The benefits:

  • Compliance and safety with regard to legal requirements
  • Greatest possible operational safety by providing professional  maintenance work
  • Extensive experience of our specialists ensures high maintenance quality
  • All services from one source